Decorate Your Party with Birthday Balloons

Latex party balloonsNo party is complete without birthday balloons! Choose from themed foil balloons, and latex balloons . If you are making a birthday party centerpiece, be sure to add balloon sticks, ribbons or weights to your supply list and consider ordering a disposable helium tank to save time and money.

Save Money and Inflate Your Own

Buying your own birthday balloons and filling them at home is cheaper than buying them at a store. If you are on a tight budget, this is a sure way to save money. Be sure to order the portable helium tank shown below:Birthday Balloons


Now you can fill your party balloons at home! Decorating is a breeze with this super time saver! This lightweight, disposable helium-filled tank comes with an easy-to-use nozzle and carry handles for easy transport.

Tank can fill about (50) – 9″ latex balloons, (27) – 11″ latex balloons, (27) – 18″ Foil Balloons, or (20) – 20″ Foil Balloons.The number of latex balloons you can inflate depends on the size you choose to create – larger sizes yield fewer filled balloons.Tank holds about 14.9 cubic feet of helium and has a PSI of 260.

Filling your own saves money, running to the store the day of the birthday party and shoving the balloons into the car!

Worried about shipping costs? Be sure to order your helium tank at the same time you order your party supplies.  Then, check out our discount coupon section.  There’s usually a coupon for FREE shipping on orders over $75!
birthday balloonsBPK Tip: Here’s a  birthday balloon decorating tip: always group  in uneven numbers like 3 reds and 2 blues or 2 pinks and one purple. Get instructions to make an inexpensive party centerpiece.

You’ll also find foil birthday balloons to match your party them on all of our birthday party supplies pages or for easy reference here are our favorite foil balloons.

Narrow your search by entering a phrase like ” blue balloons” into the search box below.


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