Tie Dye Party Supplies60’s Birthday Parties Let Today’s Teens be “Hip”

Peace Hippie Tye Dye Birthday Party Supplies are perfect for the hip kids in your family!  Today’s groovy girls may carry an iTouch™ or  be wearing a hat instead of long hair, but they still know how to party with this Hippie Chick Theme. or Tie Dye  Fun Retro Party supplies. Plan an awesome event for your tween girl using all the new peace and tie dye accessories shown by our partner stores.

A 60’s party is easy to plan.  It just lends itself to costumes, colors and creativity.  Here are our Peace Sign Hippie Party Suppliessuggestions for this totally out -of-site happening that will bring peace and love between mom and her  tween or teen daughter. Take a look at the amazing products we’ve found for your party. To find exactly what you are looking for, narrow your search by entering a phrase like “tie dye” invitations”. Read some great party planning ideas below.

Start by sending an incredible, personalized invitation or creating your own custom invitation.  Our favorite invitations are those that set the tone for the party, so why not dress the birthday groovy hippie  costume, snap a photo and create an invite that is sure to get her friends excited.   Be sure to remind everyone to wear their favorite costumes from the 60’s.  This is also a perfect Halloween Birthday party with tons of costumes and accessories now available.

The activity for your 1960’s party can be an art project, like tie dye,or  creating fun tee shirts for the girls to wear. Most craft stores will have lots of appliques and stencils with the peace sign. Add a few fabric markers and glitter paint and let the fun beigna music fest of great ’60’s songs and dance contests.  There are tons of prizes available so round up all your old music (or your Mom and Dad’s) and plan a party filled with flower power!

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