Balloon CenterpiecesLearn How to Make a Balloon Centerpiece

Ever wonder how party planners make balloon centerpieces? It looks harder then it really is and today we are going to show you how to do it yourself the easy way.  It’s also a fun party planning idea that you and your child can do together as you plan the party.  Here’s a great do it yourself balloon centerpiece  idea that you can make using your child’s favorite stuffed animal. This centerpiece is perfect for an animal birthday party themes like The Dog.  You can also use this party centerpiece idea with any of your child’s toys, favorite blocks, rattles, or toys.

Here’s how easy it is to make a adorable balloon centerpieces:

  • Attach balloons to your child’s favorite stuffed animals or to animals purchased just for the occasion. To keep the centerpiece in place,   attach a weight to the bottom of the animal or attach the animal to a plate stand available at most discount stores.
  • When using balloons from a range of colors to match your party theme. Always stagger the ribbon lengths and use an odd number of balloons.  You can also use two or four  latex balloons and one coordinating mylar balloons to match your party theme.
  • For an added touch, make the stuffed animal a personalized “collar”  that says “Kaylin’s 2nd Birthday”!
  • If you are lucky enough to find inexpensive animals to match your theme, they make a wonderful favor to give out instead of the traditional party goody bags!

Another Unique Way To Make Your Own Birthday Party Centerpiece

Dora Mylar BalloonDecorate Your Child’s Party with Matching Mylar or Latex Balloons
It’s simple to decorate and create a centerpiece for a child’s party with mylar balloons. Here’s a great, inexpensive tip:

What you’ll need to make an inexpensive child’s party centerpiece:

  • Several large potatoes…one for each table and the gift table
  • A roll of ribbon
  • Tin foil or tissue paper
  • One mylar balloon for each table

Creating the Centerpiece:

  1. Wrap each potato with the tin foil or tissue paper and gather at top and twist.
  2. Inflate balloon and use enough ribbon to curl lots of ribbon at the bottom (If you are buying balloons, ask for extra long ribbons)
  3. Tie each balloon to the top of the potato wrap and curl ribbon.

This inexpensive and easy centerpiece will make each party table

Complete your party theme. Buying your own balloons and filling them at home is much cheaper than buying them at a store. If you are on a tight budget, this is a sure way to save money. Be sure to order the portable helium tank shown below:

Helium Tanks

Now you can fill your party balloons at home! This lightweight, disposable helium-filled tank fills approximately 20 latex balloons (12; float time of 5-7 hours), or approximately 20 foil balloons (18; float time of up to 4 days). Includes disposal instructions.


Ps. Don’t forget an extra balloon for the mailbox!

BPK HintBPK Tip:  Not a do it “yourselfer”? Check out all these ideas for balloon centerpieces and give it a try. Narrow it down by searching with a phrase like: “red   balloons.