Second Birthday Party Invitations

You’ll Love All these Second Birthday Invitations

Like all parties,  your child’s 2nd birthday party invitation sets the  theme  for the party. In more ways than one your child’s 2nd birthday party is one of the most important birthdays of all and, we think, maybe the most fun!   Your two year old is full of wonder and excitement, old enough to get that it’s about her and  young enough to enjoy the magic.  It’s a beautiful time of life!  Our partner stores are finally starting to “see the light” when it comes to second birthday parties. We think 2 year olds have  long been long neglected in the party industry! But not anymore,  today 2nd birthday themes are available so celebrate “two” in style.

Photo Invitations – The first year  of your child has been so filled with fun, we’re sure you won’t have trouble  remembering the special moments and reflecting on  them on a photo birthday invitations.  Two year old’s definitely have shown their personality, so you might also want to base your party theme and invitation on their “likes” and “dislikes”  Most invitation sites are fully automated allowing you to choose  choose your invitation, photo and wording and  see how it looks before you place your order!  There are so many to choose from you’ll have a ball looking through them all!  Second Birthday Party Invitations

The hottest thing to hit the themed party market is personalized party supplies. Now you choose a photo invite to match the them of your child’s party theme.  Themed photo  invitations like  this one for Mod Monkey are considerably less money than custom invites. There are now over twenty personalized party themes and matching invitations from which to choose…it’s a great place to start!

There’s no denying it  two-year olds are a lot of work! We  hope we’ve  made  planning this special birthday party a little bit easier for you!

pirate party craftBPK Tip: To save money, consider creating  your own invitation and printing them  it on your computer.  There are many fun papers and invitation kits. available.  However, before you decide whether to print your own invitations, consider the price of your ink cartridges, quality paper and most importantly, you time.  Then compare that against printed invitations.  Printing your own  invitations is not always the easiest thing to do.  Many mother’s have told us that after figuring it all out, their really wasn’t a big savings.  What do you think?  Share your thoughts below: