1st Birthday Party Game Ideas


1st Birthday Party Game Ideas Should be Simple, Fun and Safe

After you’ve chosen the theme, ordered your party supplies and found your location, it is time to plan the fun. 1st birthday party game ideas should be easy to plan, easy to execute and most importantly, safe. We have come up with some first birthday party game ideas that are designed to keep the birthday child and all their baby guests entertained during your child’s first birthday party. Most of all, babies just wanna have fun – so keep it simple!

Bubbles and Balloons

1st birthday gamesOne of the most popular 1st birthday party game ideas are bubbles. What is it about bubbles and balloons that makes everyone smile? Try these on for size.

  • Keep the one year olds busy with bubbles! Blow bubbles and see if they can pop the bubbles before they hit the floor. Then see who can catch bubbles on their wand. If you have older children attending the party see who can blow the biggest or smallest bubble.
  • Consider purchasing a bubble blowing machine. There are lots to pick from and all you need to do is add the bubble solution and turn on the button. They come in a wide variety of your child’s favorite character, like Winnie the Pooh, Disney characters and more. Watch the smiles on their faces as they make them go, “Pop!”
  • Fill a small balloon 1/4 of the way with water. Sit down with your babies and help them roll the balloons around, throw them inside a bucket, ect.
  • Blow a balloon up halfway and let it go before tying it. Youngsters will be fascinated watching the balloon fly through the air and make funny noises.

Just Remember: The balloon, especially small pieces of a broken balloon are a choking hazard. Never leave a baby unattended with a balloon, whether inflated or deflated.

1st birthday party game ideasArts and Crafts Activities for Babies

Here are some of our favorite arts and crafts for small toddlers:

  • Activity Placemats
  • a simple idea and easy and fun to do. Try using pudding as a finger paint. That’s right, just dab some pudding on waxed paper or a plastic tablecloth. Show your young guests how to draw on the paper while licking the fingers along the way. Supply a magnet with your babies picture on it as a take-home favor. They will be glad to see their new art work on the fridge for everyone admire!
  • Sidewalk Chalk – Give children large sticks of chalk and let them draw on the sidewalk, porch or driveway.

Squish – Squash – Craft Recipe

  • 3 cups of water
  • 4 tablespoons of cornstartch
  • Food coloring
  • Ziploc bag
  1. Boil the water. In a separate bowl, add the cold water to the cornstarch and make a paste. Slowly add the cornstarch mixture to the boiled water. Cook and stir until thick. Add food coloring and allow to cool. Pour into a Ziploc bag and seal. Children will enjoy the feeling of squishing the bag without being able to open it.

Foot Tracing

  1. Drawing paper,
  2. Crayons, markers, or paints
  1. Get a big roll of kraft paper and roll it out. Have moms hold up their children with their feet planted on the paper.
  2. Trace around the child’s feet with a crayon or pencil. Repeat with all guests and write the baby’s name under their feet.
  3. Have the children color the feet with crayons, markers, or paints. Either keep as a keepsake or give each Mom a copy of their babies footprints to take home.

Music and Musical 1st Birthday Party Game Ideas

That’s right, there’s music in the air and why not get these active babies singing, dancing, and bobbing to the music. All babies love to hear music so this makes a perfect 1st birthday party activity.

1st birthday game ideasSinging and Musical Games

Pass bean bags to music – make or buy bean bags in bright colors. Have children sit in a circle and pass the bean bags to each other while the music plays.

A Baby Parade – Make your own birthday party parade by giving children musical instruments – drums, shakers, horns, etc., sit them in a circle and play some music. Have them play their birthday musical instruments. You can include fun scarves to play and dance with. Babies love to have them on their head and gently pulled off.

Do the Hokey Pokey – Children love this simple game and it is fun to play at any 1st birthday party event. Have the children sit in a circle. The leader begins the song with, “You put your right arm in … you take your right arm out … you put your right arm in and you shake it all about .. you do the hokey pokey and you turn yourself around and that’s what it’s all about! While singing the song put your right arm in the circle, take your right arm out, put your right arm in and then shake it up and down, then have your index fingers point to the sky while turning yourself in a circle, clap the last line of the song … That’s what it’s all about! Have the moms sit with the babies and help them participate.

Dancing – One year olds love to dance. Play music and let them dance. You can play Freeze Dance Game and have everyone freeze when you say “Freeze!”. Then say “Unfreeze” and have them dance again.

Position a box of Kleenex in front of each child. Turn on the music and let them pull the Kleenex out one by one. The first one done is the winner!  So fun and easy to do.  Take a kleenex and gently blow it up in the air and watch baby laugh.

Filling and Emptying Games

Babies love to fill things up and empty them out. It can keep them busy for hours. Here are some great ideas for your baby’s birthday:

  • If the weather is nice go outside and fill up a small wading pool.  Put fun splashy toys around and let the babies throw toys (rubber duckies are great).  Remember to use sunscreen.
  • Fill up a bucket or basket with soft balls, socks, or kid-friendly toys. Tip everything out and gather it all together again. Let your baby help you tip it out again – and again. All the children can join in with this one. If you laugh so will the little ones!
  • Finish by throwing small party gifts for each of your little guests up in the air to take home as a favor. It can be a small toy, a cloth book or musical instrument. To avoid meltdowns, just get the same toy for all.

Other Favorites

Blanket Riding. This activity works best on a smooth floor like ceramic, linoleum or wood. Sit your child in the middle of a blanket, sheet, or towel. Grab the end of the blanket and gently pull the baby around the room. Come back and load up baby number #2. Continue until everyone has had a ride.  Great tricep exercise too!

Bean bag toss – set up 3 – 5 buckets or colorful containers in a straight line or triangle shape and let the children take turns tossing the beanbags into the containers. Or cut several holes out of a poster board or large box and decorate with your theme. Have children throw the beanbags through the holes.

Ball Pit – Make your own ball pit with a blowup swimming pool and plastic balls that you can buy at the toy or discount store (the plastic balls like at McDonalds). Let kids climb in and out and play inside of it.

Check out more 1st birthday party supplies, including baby banners, bibs, gift and keepsake ideas for extra inspiration!


BPK HintBPK Safety tip: * Keep the party safe for your one year old – make sure party favors and toys are large enough that they can not fit through a paper towel or toilet paper tube to avoid a choking hazard.